Gifts of Impact

With a gift of impact you are helping
empower and elevate young Canadians.

Your investment helps create transformational change by supporting special projects across Canada that help ensure we are increasing the access, reach and impact for young people to the AwardHere are some of the special projects currently ongoing where your investment will create a direct impact.  

Contact us at to discuss investing in a gift of impact.  

Youth Justice Project

Starting at $10,000 

Our Youth Justice Project enables us to work directly with youth in the justice system, some of Canada’s most at-risk young people and who often struggle to reintegrate back into society.  

The Award across Canada is partnering with various justice-related programs to give young people the opportunity to develop the skills to find success in life and a renewed sense of purpose. An investment in this project allows us to support youth, correctional staff and community workers through the Award framework. It also funds activity costs for young people.  

Please contact us at to discuss how you can make an impact through the Youth Justice Project.

Adventurous Journey Project

Starting at $20,000 

The Adventurous Journey is one of the biggest barriers young people face when striving to achieve their Award. Many young people across Canada do not have the funds or equipment to venture into the great outdoors. This project enables us to fully subsidize the costs for young people so they can complete their Award, but more importantly develop core skills such as teamwork, leadership and resilience, cultivated by undertaking a challenging journey that encourages a deeper environmental awareness.

Please contact us at to discuss how you can make an impact through the Adventurous Journey Project.

Digital Expansion Project

Starting at $20,000

 COVID-19 has illustrated the disparity faced by many young people with regards to digital connectivity. An investment in our Digital Expansion Project will help increase the reach of the Award to rural and remote communities across Canada. Funds ensure young people can access our digital platform and resources, as well as provide them access to an Award Leader who helps guide and mentor them through their Award. As a result of COVID-19 we have begun to establish Virtual Award Centres, so young people who once did the Award in person via community centres, schools and youth groups can continue engaging and completing the Award, ensuring that during this difficult time, no young person is left behind. 
Please contact us at to discuss how you can make an impact through the Digital Expansion Project. 

Girl using laptop

Social Enterprise Project

Starting at $50,000 

To create sustainable impact for young people in Canadian communities, we have begun to develop the Social Enterprise Project. By investing in this innovative project, you will be at the forefront of helping the Award bring an entrepreneurial approach to addressing social issues and creating positive community change across Canada. 

To learn more about this investment opportunity and the possible returns of our Social Enterprise Projects now being developed, please contact us at

More ways to invest

Every donation makes a big difference in the lives of young Canadians. Your generous support helps give young people aged 14-24 the opportunity to find their passion, purpose and place in today’s world. There are a number of ways you can invest in the Award and make a positive impact in the lives of young people.

Stories of inspiration during COVID-19

Across Canada, young people are using their Award to impact and elevate their community during the pandemic. Here are a few of the amazing things young people have accomplished to help others in need. 

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