Cadence Loiselle-Shire from Manitoba created masks for her community during COVID-19

Tell us about your Award journey – why did you decide to start your Award?

Because I thought it would be good to help my community and my cadet career.

What do you like about the Award?

The online log makes it easy to log things. I am also doing things that I would usually do anyways, but it gives me motivation to do it. I am more motivated to help my community by volunteering and other things.

What sort of challenges are you facing in your day-to-day life, as a result of COVID-19? How has this impacted you?

Not a lot had affected me because of COVID-19 but one of the things that has been challenging is trying to stay InTouch with others.

Is the Award helping you to deal with any of these challenges? If so, how?

Yes, the Award has help me get in touch with other people. For example, I call my art teacher every second day to do art and it gives me someone to talk to, someone other than just my family.

Have you had to adapt your Award activities as a result of COVID-19? If so, how Has anything remained the same?

I have for my volunteer work. I have start making masks under the supervision of my mother. One thing that has stayed the same is my art lessons because my art teacher lives 2 provinces way so we are just do them more now because we have more free time.

Have you found any interesting solutions to help you continue with your Award during COVID-19?

Making masks for volunteering.

Are you using your Award (and particularly your VoluntaryService section) to help your community deal with the challenges of COVID-19? If so,how?

Yes, in my community of Winnipeg I’m donating masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Do you think being involved with the Award helps you and your community at this time? If so, how?

Yes. If I was not doing this Award, I would have not known about the Passion to Purpose project and would not be able to buy the material to make masks for my community.

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